Victim Blaming

Unfortunately, like we already know, victim accusing, bullying and sexual violence often go concurrently. There are many misunderstandings in our society that encourages that a survivor is somehow partly (or even fully) to blame for being bullied, sexually assaulted or harassed.

One reason people criticize a victim is to distance themselves from an unpleasant occurrence and thereby prove their own invulnerability to the risk. By marking or accusing the victim, others can see the victim as separate from themselves. People comfort themselves by thinking, “Because I am not like her, because I do not do that, this would never happen to me.” Wrong! We do not know what will happen to who. We need to help people understand that this is not a helpful reaction.

Why is it menacing?

Victim-blaming attitudes marginalize the victim/survivor and make it harder to come forward and state the abuse. If the survivor perceives that you or the society blames her for the abuse, s/he will not feel safe, positive or comfortable coming forward and notify about it.

The greater risk is that more often, tormented victims guilt put by others lure them to suicide and, yes, they die because of us, our torture above their rupture.

It is NOT the victim’s fault or responsibility to fix the situation, it is the abuser’s DEADLY CHOICE.


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