Opinions on Death Penalties to the Predators

Do you know how rapists or assaulters are penalized? If the case is extreme, they are given the death penalty. But do you know how it occurs?

There are few types of Death Penalties that I am going to share and I am sure you will feel that extremists should not be executed! Why? You will find out.

Lethal Injection: 

The inmate is injected with sodium thiopental – an anaesthetic, which puts the prisoner to sleep. Next flows chemicals, which paralyzes the entire muscle system and stops the inmate’s breathing. Finally, the flow of potassium chloride stops the heart.


For execution by the electric chair, the person is usually shaved and strapped to a chair with belts that cross his chest, groin, legs, and arms. A metal skullcap-shaped electrode is attached to the scalp and forehead over a sponge moistened with saline. This permits the electricity to conduct directly into the brain, shutting it off more quickly than the brain can register pain.

Gas Chamber

For execution by this method, the condemned person is strapped to a chair in an airtight chamber. Below the chair rests a pail of sulfuric acid. Along stethoscope is typically affixed to the inmate so that a doctor outside the chamber can pronounce death. Once everyone has left the chamber, the room is sealed. The warden then gives a signal to the executioner who flicks a lever that releases crystals of sodium cyanide into the pail. This causes a chemical reaction that releases hydrogen cyanide gas.

Firing Squad

This involves 5 men shooting the heart of condemned with high powered rifles. The heart is completely destroyed and unconsciousness follows before any feeling of pain.


Hanging causes death by snapping neck around second vertebrae, instantly shutting off brain’s ability to communicate with the body and causing the heart to stop in seconds.

Now I can answer the “why” question that arises in your heads. Where was the pain? Did the executed feel any suffering at all? What about the ones in where they caused the victims unbearable pain? Oh so, they just have their last wish fulfilled and die without any hurt? I would rather say torture them for the torment they have done than killing them with no pain.

The predators should be petrified and the fear should pass on to people with the same ideas!