Fight against Prostitution

The more knowledge one has about what sex trafficking is, the better prepared and equipped one is to stop it. Educate yourself about sex trafficking. Read books and articles, watch videos, listen to experts.

Recognize The Signs
Whether it is at an airport, a bus station, near a hotel, a nail salon, at a large sporting event, you might pass by a victim of child sex trafficking and not realize it. When you are able to recognize what a victim looks like, you can better help them.

Report Any Suspicions
When you see any suspicious activity you believe may be related to sex trafficking of any type, make a phone call to the Emergency numbers of your area or country.

Raise Awareness
Raise awareness with those you know, whether it is within your circle of friends and family, faith-based groups, your work environment, etc. Ensure that schools, workplaces in your area, are also aware of sex trafficking, and how children within their own schools may be potential victims and employers at their own workplaces.

Take Action
Become an advocate for sex trafficking. Advocate or Lawyer in the sense of speaking out. Speak out about the issue to others within the circles you are associated with. Become involved in anti-trafficking efforts where you live, and in your own city and community. Even though we cannot do something big, you may never know what a small action can do!