What is Bullying?

The definition of Bullying according to the dictionary is: undesirable, aggressive behaviour among school-aged children ( could be older for sure ) that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.
The behaviour is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who oppress others may have serious, enduring complications.

In order to be considered bullying, the behaviour must be hostile and include:

  • The Disparity of Power: Bullies use their ability—such as bodily strength, entrance to embarrassing information, or vogue —to authorise over or harm others. Power imbalances can alter over time and in unlike situations, even if they require the same people.
  • Recurrence: Bullying actions occur more than once or have the possibility to happen more than once.

Where and When Bullying occurs?

Bullying can happen in any number of places, contexts, or locations.

In school: During or after school hours. While most reported bullying happens in the school building, a significant percentage also happens in places like canteens, play areas, game courts, etc. It can also happen through the time of travelling to or from school, in the youth’s neighbourhood, or on the Internet.

Sometimes that place is online or on a cellphone. Now, we know how much media is spreading across our world. You can see the tiniest baby crying for a mobile. Bullying that occurs using technology (including but not limited to phones, email, chat rooms, Facebook, Instagram, Hangouts,  instant messaging, and online posts) is considered electronic bullying and is viewed as a context or location.

While bullying is most known to happen only for school-aged kids, I tell you, it is highly regardable to college students or even working employees. So please be aware and take care of your kids, siblings, friends, etc. It is heart-breaking to switch on our TV and find a small child ending his/her life due to constant bullying.

I am much conscious of Bullying because I know how it feels to feel the way that you do not wish to. It is a very dangerous thing to go through and people need to realise this. And dear bullies, You are not cool at all. You are nothing but careless and worthless characters making others sense the way they should not.

Take steps, my friends, and Say a “NO” to Bullying.