Types of Bullying

Bullying itself is really bad and having “different types” is even worse. Don’t think bullies are cool, no, they are nothing but useless.

Physical Bullying:

Hurting somebody’s body or damaging their possessions:
Examples include:

  • Tripping or Pushing
  • Hitting or Kicking
  • Spitting
  • Making mean or rude Hand Gestures

Verbal Bullying:

Means of using words negatively to gain power over someone’s life.
Examples include:

  • Name Calling
  • Insults
  • Inappropriate Sexual Comments
  • Threatening
  • Racist Remarks

Social Bullying:

Also known as relational bullying which involves hurting or damaging someone’s reputation and relationships.
Examples include:

  • Lying or Spreading Rumours
  • Embarrassing someone in Public
  • Leaving someone out on purpose

Cyber Bullying:

The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending a message of threatening nature.
Examples include:

  • Posting or Sending hurtful texts, posts, images or videos.
  • Making Online Threats
  • Imitating others online ( Hacking )
  • Spreading nasty rumours

Sexual Bullying:

Type of bullying and harassment that occurs in connection with a person’s sex, body, sexual orientation or with sexual activity.
Examples include:

  • Making Sexual Jokes
  • Sending inappropriate messages, images or videos
  • Touching, Grabbing, Pinching against one’s consent
  • Asking for inappropriate pictures
  • Asking to go out again and again ( Dates, etc.. )
  • Making sexual comments or offers while pretending to be someone else online
  • Pulling at someone’s clothing and Brushing up against them in a purposefully Sexual way