Personal Opinions on Bullying

Bullying is a really serious issue that has been taking over the world. Many people have set a concept in their minds regarding bullying. They think this only happens in schools. No, this is completely wrong. Bullying can happen anywhere, anytime. To adults and children, the action of trying to harm someone verbally or physically can be emotionally devastating.

Not once or twice a year, but almost every day, we lose our friends to suicide. Why? Because we hurt them, because we did not listen to them, because we led them into depression, we buried them alive. We killed them when we should have given them a shoulder to cry out.

I have undergone every single type of bullying I have stated on the other page. {Types of Bullying } Coming out of it was unbearable pain. Only later did I realise that bullying only makes the bullies a loser.

I did not speak out regarding my bullying stories to anyone and when I look back now, I perceived that I have committed a mistake. If you are put down by any type of bullying, small or severe, report it. Give a higher official some knowledge of it so you can stop any further nonsense. It can be your parents, your older buddies, the principal, the teachers, counsellors, etc. Do not keep it to yourself, you are only hurting yourself. I know friends,  it is not easy to share it, but just do it, I know you can do it.