Spot a Child Molester

Buddies, we are conscious that pinpointing a person who victimized another is not elementary. In the same manner, finding out an individual whom you trusted most has molested your junior one is heart-rending. Yet often, parents who learn that their child has been duped will share the same attitude: “I had no conception… He was so pleasant… He didn’t seem like a molester.” If you have at any time tasted this betrayal, trust me, I perceive what you mean.

I do not know if you are aware of the word – Paedophiles. The dictionary gives it the meaning:
(general use) An adult who is sexually attracted to or engages in sexual acts with a child. (psychiatry) A person aged 16 years old or older who is mostly or only sexually attracted to prepubescent children

☠️ Facts ☠️

1 – Oh No! Too Bad that a predator doesn’t look like a “PREDATOR”

How much I wish they looked like a boogeyman so we can quickly identify! If they did, it would be easy to linger away from them. Child molesters are intelligent masters at deceiving. If they were not, they would nevermore get away with their despicable acts.

2 – Molesters are distinctly NOT strangers. 

As a matter of actuality, 90% of the time, they have a link with their victims and the family. This is absolutely not a very cheering information to associate. Therefore, avert this in intention at all times. 

3 – They use prudent tricks and ploys to advance a child’s (or our) belief.

For sure, that is their preeminent step. Once they have achieved that, they can progress with their following step, which is to sexually cheat their target.

What is The One Thing That Deters or Prevents a Child Molester? 🤔

The horror of being seized. Yes, they are cowardly but nevertheless resume those heinous acts. If a molester thinks your child will not “keep the intrigue” or sees that you are a noticeable parent, involved in your child’s everyday life and movements, he will often move on to an indulgent mark – one that will be “safer” for him/her!

🙅‍♂️ Red Flags 🙅

  • Someone who frequently neglects social, emotional or physical barriers or limits.
  • Anyone who singles out one child as a “special friend”, bestowing them with a lot of extra attention, gifts, flattery – promoting an age-inappropriate relationship with that child.
  • A being who obliges to be “too helpful to be real”, usually offering to babysit various children for free; taking children on extraordinary outings alone; oftentimes buying children gifts or giving them money for no seeming reason – strangely an adult who does not have babies of their own. 
  • An individual who denies permitting a child set any of his or her own boundaries.
  • Someone who emphasizes on hugging, touching, kissing, tickling, wrestling with or holding a child even when the child does not want this bodily connection or gestures. (Let the kids acknowledge that they have the right to yell a ” NO “)
  • An individual who bestows inappropriate personal or private information with a child, that should normally be shared with adults only.
  • Someone who often commands upon or recommends a lot of uninterrupted “alone” time with a child.
  • A person who repeatedly points out explicit images or tells unsuitable, suggestive stories or fools with youngsters present.
  • Someone who seems overly excited in the sensuality of a distinct child or teen, and speaks frequently about the child’s maturing figure.
  • A person who continually walks in on children/teens in the lavatory/bathroom.

👥 Keep Your Red Lights On ⚠️

66 thoughts on “Spot a Child Molester

    1. “Follower” 😂
      Everything begins in childhood. When something unbearable to thoughts occur in adolescence, we lose our Youth. We begin to live in darkness. So I considered this and thought: Why not give some amateur steps in few matters so that people can catch hold of it, so at least all those infants now can grow up to be joyous. Who knows? Maybe I am helping someone…. 🙂

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  1. You have done a great service to letting us know these signs to watch out for to either prevent sexual abuse of a child or catching the pervert and turning that person in to police.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ye know what? the foreigners for us who are vulnerable in this case..they travel thousands of miles to thailand to make it out with small girls.. they plan and they go for it…more vulnerable people ..and our neighbors..we should be careful of who tend to assault babies and kids..good points

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  3. Very informative, it’s scary that these can also be family members. It’s great that you are spreading the word and information like this keeping the knowledge up lovely, great work!!

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  4. Its a very sickening attitude to molest a child… I personally don’t advise mothers leaving their daughters with uncles all the time and not all play should be allowed because she’s a child.

    Nice post dear ❤❤

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  5. This is such a good thing to put out there, and all the Red Flags are very accurate and scary to read about. I am glad you are posting this. More people should read about it and be aware and keep their red lights on. I wish MORE people made an effort to stop this horrible spiral.

    Liked by 1 person

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