A Request To My Followers

Hey there to every single beautiful soul who checks out my blogs. I like the voice you are all giving to the voiceless ☺️ 

I appreciate all of you who are helping me with my baby steps to bring awareness!

Now, I want to ask you all for some assistance. I promise it will not be time – consuming at all.

Can you help me by commenting on this post: “Stop Sexual Assault” in all languages that you know, especially that of your mother tongues? I will give you credit.

I will value and cherish every single person wishing to come forth in accommodating me.

Thank you all in Advance

~ Pen 😀

86 thoughts on “A Request To My Followers

      1. Well my mother tongue is English & I try out sum Marathi words wid my frndz ,so I’ll try it 😉 || लैंगिक आक्रमण थांबवा || = in Marathi language 😊

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