You Are Not A Victim | ©Nirant

We all know about Nirant who is the owner of the Amazing Website called “Poem Zone” Those of you who do not know, you are too late, you got to follow him. This wonderful poet is so great that he accepted my request on writing a poem regarding assaults. It is not his type but yet went on to do it. I want to thank you from the depth of my heart. This piece is so much WOW than I had expected.

Click here to view the original.

You are not your abuse
you are not what
They did to you.
You are not your Trauma.
You are the cleverest
that survived.
You are the courage
that escaped.
You are the power
that hide & protected a
tiny spark of your light.
You will fan that spark
into a bonfire of rage & love,
& with it you will
Burn all their lies
to Ash.


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