13 thoughts on “Words That Describe A Woman’s Body

  1. You’ve raised Women Empowerment to another level.
    It’s Always Worth a read PEN ! ❤

    I cannot feel but can truly understand what actually Women have to go through getting judged on their body parts .

    Them Women who are unnecessarily getting judged by their EXTERNAL parts damages them INTERNALLY 😑

    Thank you for sharing!

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      1. Absolute Pleasure Pen! ❤
        It boils my blood when I get to experience such harsh realities that too in 21st century world.

        I reckon only the material world is getting modernised ,
        Not People and their Mindset.

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  2. Great effort young lady. As far as my views are concerned, I would like to differ some what. Some for me, breasts and vagina are so much part of me and it is very natural. I am not ashamed of my feminity, in fact I am proud of it….whether they are big, small, filthy or whatever… I do see that a lot of people have taboos related it and that when I was of your age… I too had a lot of issues with such terminologies…. With time I have kind of questioned my self on why the hell should I worry about them…. Shouldn’t the person with wrong intentions be worried about it? Shouldn’t the sexual Asaulter be insecure about it? And why should we as women feel low about the body parts that are actually used to give and nurture life… Shouldn’t these men feel ashamed of what they think? Have they ever felt ashamed of their body parts? Then why we?


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