Anxieties of Student Victims

I, at all times, will empathise with your feelings, being a student myself. I totally understand. Trust me, I know! Jot down some information that I managed to collect which may be helpful to you.

Are you in the same class as the physique that assaulted you?

It can honestly be absolutely scary and distracting for various survivors to audit the class with the person who attacked them. Your academics, education and career are essential as your parents fully depend on you, you need a bright future and all that stuff. On the other hand, you need to feel secure attending class so that you may be successful both academically and in your healing process. If the person who assaulted you is your classmate, you have to report to your respective administrations. Sexual assault is a violation, no matter what, no matter who!

Are you concerned about seeing the person that assaulted you on campus?

For sure it can be very distressing and traumatic to see that person whom you hate, who started you down, who struck you on campus. If you sense a feeling of being unsafe, talk to any higher officials on your campus about your options.

Are your grades suffering because of the assault?

Here is where the real struggle hits us. It will take some time to adjust after the assault and it is very common to have difficulties concentrating on studying or focusing on coursework. Moreover, explaining why your results are bad to your parents might seem forever. You are encouraged to communicate directly with your instructor in order to limit any possible misunderstanding about expectations and requirements. If you decide to take an incomplete or arrange for alternate requirements with your instructors, you are encouraged to have a contract in writing with your instructor in order to protect yourself in case of confusion at a later time. Sometimes survivors decide that they need to reduce their course load or withdraw in order to be successful in the future. This is a big decision and I suppose that you to talk with Academic Advising if you are considering these choices.

Are you concerned about telling your parents what happened?

If you tell your parents, will it be more or less helpful to you? This is a very difficult question for survivors. Many people find it hard to disclose to their parents. I get how this feels like. But have faith in my words, opening to your parents will make the situation a lot much better than you must have ever imagined. Ultimately you will find parents’ love and support helpful to your healing process. Some survivors may be concerned about hurting their parents or fear that their family may blame them for the assault. No matter what, it is not your fault. Only you can decide if and when to tell your family.

Are you worried about making a police report?

Making a police report after a sexual assault can be a very difficult decision for survivors. Uncertainty about reporting the assault is common, especially if you know the person who assaulted you. May it be your aunt, your uncle, your sibling, your friend, your parent, your teacher. So what? It was an injustice to your soul and body. Filing a police report is the first step in beginning the criminal justice process.


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