Self Harm

Hi friends. Hope all is well with everyone.

Self Harm. I think many of you might have passed by few people who harm themselves or maybe you yourselves might have done it. You do not have to deny, it is alright. It happens. No one here is going to judge you, or at least I will not.

Self Harm can be of many types. I will specify CUTTING as the most common one of all. To me, it is more personal. I will say I, myself, WAS a victim. No more, trust me.

Self Harm is more of an addiction, too. People cannot leave it at a word of promise or just easily. It needs progress. They need support. They need time. They will eventually heal.

It is also more of a mental crisis again and a feeling of being lost.

Why do people harm themselves?

It is a response to deep, painful things.

People do it for many reasons.

– Some Feel Numb:
Pain of hurting themselves make them feel more emotionally and physically alive.

– Some Feel Guilty or Ashamed:
Hurting themselves is a way to punish themselves for mistakes, or for not being a better person.

– Some Want to be Distracted:
Cutting is a way to avoid feelings.

– Some Believe it’s a Way to Take Control:
Choosing when and where to feel physical pain helps them feel more in control.

– Some Want to Communicate:
Cutting is a way to express pain a person cannot say in words.

Of course, I am not encouraging people to harm themselves. But to people who do it, you have us. We care about you. You MATTER. To some, it is attention seeking, to others, it is blankness in mind. I know how it feels, I have walked that path, but yet I have come out of it. This means, you can walk out of it too.

If someone you know harms themselves, asking them to STOP is definitely not ideal. Do not call them weak or cowardice. (The sufferers might as well be stronger than you in many ways.) That does not help them in any manner. I don’t want anyone to regret later. Let the sufferers know that they are loved. Tell them that their lives are precious and they were created for a purpose. Start a smooth conversation, ask them what is wrong before jumping to conclusions. As I always say, you simply do not know what someone is undergoing unless you walk their path of life. Provide help, give them moral support. If they lack intimacy, give them a hug, hold hands. Most people only need someone to listen to them, show them that you are there for them by listening. Make time for them. Even 5 minutes count. You will make them feel valuable. – This website includes tips on how to help someone else and how to help yourselves move from self harm.

If you think, you have no one, I am very much willing to make my time for anyone of you. Fill in a contact form, and I will be there. Do not be afraid, it is not a phase of life, but just a little something that is messing with us. We can break it if we work together. We can mould ourselves to be BOLDER. 🤗

19 thoughts on “Self Harm

  1. I have been through this. It happens when others take control on your life. When you feel that no one wants to listen to you. When you are lonely in spite of so many around.

    I would never recommend. I still hv my scars as reminders to not do it again.

    I tell my hubby the stories behind it and we hv a riot of laugh.
    So much I have grown as a person. Being mother of a special child and working with more children I’m understanding them as well as parents who go thru a lot.

    Changes in perspective happens once we see things differently.

    Nice work you do.
    Perfula. Loved the writing.

    Keep up the good work.

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    1. Thank You for checking upon Shantanu. Situations are not getting any better. The first blast on Easter happened within 200 metres from home. Yesterday’s blast was so audible, I still can’t get the sound out of my head. We’re devasted. People died not knowing why so. What was supposed to be the risen lords celebration turned to be blood curdling. I don’t know what more is to happen

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