8 Signs ~ To Recognize a Child Abductor

Hey there!
I gathered some information on how to be able to identify “KID”nappers. Some alarms that need to be raised!



Why do they target kids? 
Possible Reasons:

  • Some incidents shook the world where kids were kidnapped and tortured
    ~ To satisfy their lust
    ~ Rape them
  • Well, they are much fond of money
    ~ Threaten parents for money
    ~ Sell them as sex slaves
    ~ Sell body organs – Organ donation


  1. An Adult asking for Help? From a Child?
    This is a typical method used by abductors to lure a child.
    They may say things like,
    → “My dog is lost, can you please help me find it?”
    → “Want chocolate?”
  2. A Child is Crying in public with no Parent Present?
    You better check, it is better to be safe than sorry!
  3. A Random Playground Observer?
    Does the intruder look odd in the atmosphere, why not keep an eye? As I have informed earlier, kidnappers do not look like they are one.
  4. Yay! Free Stuff!?
    Who says NO? Being brutally honest, kids just cannot resist the temptation.
  5. Puppies are so Adorable, right? The Puppies Trick?
    Now, now children love little animals. The smart idiots, also known as the abductor, entice the little ones by showing them puppies, kittens, etc.
  6. Offering a Ride? Awwww. So sweet! No not at all!
    Does the child look troubled? Get up and go up to the kid. If they actually sense danger, they would not lie. Make sure the person is known to the child before letting go.
  7. Asking for Directions? To a Kid!?
    You tell me who would possibly be going up to a 6-year-old asking for paths!
  8. Fake Policeman?
    Why is the cop having a contact with the kid? Where is s/he taking the child?

This video below was a Social Experiment conducted regarding Child Abduction. You can see how easily children fall for the stranger’s talk. As well, it is disheartening for the parents as they watch in shock and horror.


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