How to Handle Sexual Harassment?

Friends, if you think you are being harassed, do not criticize yourself. I always press on it – DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF! People who harass or bully can be very manipulative. They are often really good at condemning the other person — and even at making sufferers blame themselves. But no one has the license to sexually harass or bully anyone else, no matter what. There is no such thing as “asking for it.”

There is no particular “right” way to counter to sexual harassment. Each circumstance is unique. It often can be effective to start by telling the physique doing the harassing to hold. Let him or her know that this behaviour is not OK with you. Seldom that will be enough, but not perpetually. The harasser may not stop. He or she might even laugh off your request, tease you, or annoy you more.

That is why it’s imperative to share what is happening with an adult you esteem. Is there someone you can trust? Like a parent, relative, coach, or teacher you can talk to? More and more schools have an appointed person who is there to talk about bullying issues, so find out if there’s someone at your academy.

Most schools have a sexual harassment or a bullying strategy to guard you. Ask a guidance counsellor, school nurse, or administrator about your school’s policy. If you find the adult you talk to doesn’t take your accusations seriously at first, you may have to reiterate or restate yourself or find someone else who will pay attention. Keep doing until you can decipher it.

There is no doubt it can feel uneasy to talk about sexual harassment at the opening. But that awkward feeling immediately wears off after a minute or so of discussion. In most cases, telling someone sooner leads to faster results and fewer predicaments down the line, so it’s worth it.

It can help to keep a documentation of the events that have happened. Write down times and short descriptions in a journal. Save any offensive pictures, videos, texts, or anything vulgar as evidence. ( Because, if you do not have evidence, the bad one will win, which we unquestionably do not wish for. ) That way you will have them if your school, university or family has to take legal proceedings. To avoid going through feeling perturb all over again, retain this evidence someplace where you do not have to see it daily.

22 thoughts on “How to Handle Sexual Harassment?

  1. This is such a incredible post full of the information needed to assist people who are abused sexually or harassed sexually and being bullied. I have missed your amazing posts Penfila !! Glad to see you here my good friend.

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  2. Thank you for this great post. Excellent advice and information to help those who need help and support. Going through sexual harassment is a harrowing experience. Despite that, sexual harassment is common as dirt in the society we are living in. Hope to see more post like this and thank you for taking part in the cause against sexual harassment.

    We are a non-profit group created by students to educate the Sydney public about ethical practices at the workplace and common courtesy. Feel feel to visit our page to support our cause against sexual harassment.

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