Femicide | 4th Type

Femicide is the fourth kind we are going to view under the series called Violation Against Women and Children. Do click on the link to have a brief idea.

This is such a wonderful type of killing. The meaning explains that femicide is the killing of a woman or girl, in particular by a man because she is a female. Yes, you heard it right! I told you it was wonderful! 😡 For sure most of us might have heard the killings of baby girls because they are girls, this is as well considered femicide. Feminist author Diana Russel defines this furthermore: “Femicide is on the extreme end of a continuum of antifemale terror that includes a wide variety of verbal and physical abuse, such as rape, torture, sexual slavery (particularly in prostitution), incestuous and extrafamilial child sexual abuse, physical and emotional battery, sexual harassment (on the phone, in the streets, at the office, and in the classroom), genital mutilation (clitoridectomies, excision, infibulations), unnecessary gynecological operations (gratuitous hysterectomies), forced heterosexuality, forced sterilization, forced motherhood (by criminalizing contraception and abortion), psychosurgery, denial of food to women in some cultures, cosmetic surgery, and other mutilations in the name of beautification. Whenever these forms of terrorism result in death, they become femicides.”


  1. Intimate Partners
    Intimate partner femicide, sometimes called intimate femicide, refers to “the killing of a woman by her intimate partner or her former intimate partner”. These include former or current boyfriends, husbands and common-law husbands.
  2. Serial
    Serial femicide is defined as “the sexually sadistic killing of women,” also called “sexual terrorism”
  3. Racist
    The Hope Movement defines racist femicide as the racially motivated killing of women by men of a different race.


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