Hundreds of protesters march through Gaya as they hold placards saying 'Justice For Anjana'

After the terrible rape case, India had to suffer last year, This one has turned out to be a year after Asifa. A girl, double Asifa’s age, has been “raped.” For now, it is not sure whether or not she had been raped as police suspect honour killing. (You can refer to my earlier posts to find more about Honour Killing.) What is worst is, the 16-year-old had been beheaded and had her head doused in acid.

The unrelenting discovery of the girl – who protesters are referring to as Anjana on social media –  was made on Sunday just a few hundred feet from the family home.

Protesters have flocked to the streets as fury grows in the holy city of Gaya, Bindar, in the northeast of the country.

The teen went missing on December 28 according to a report filed by her father to the police on January 6, NDTV reported.

But senior officer Rajiv Mishra said her mother and sisters detailed how she returned home on December 28 and was sent away by her father with a man known to the family.

As per statistics, India has a grim record of sexual violence. On average, more than 100 rapes were reported each day in 2016, according to the most recent official figures.

I really could not find much information regarding this case, but what I ask of all of us is to help give her soul justice. This news has not hit worldwide yet, and I think we need to know the cause of her death and she deserves Peace, at least after death.




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