Hey friends.

I need to talk about something I have been hearing lately. According to my religion, Roman Catholicism, if an individual suicides, they cannot go to heaven as they do not have the rights over their lives, but God. Yeah alright, I get it. I am not being controversial to religious matters, I highly respect it.

I have started college and have taken up Psychology and Counselling Degree for my future career and so now I think you know why I have brought this up.

Let us get into the mind of a person who is suicidal. This thought strikes them when they suffer mental crisis, which damages their well being and mental health. Mental crisis can be due to family issues, economic problems, financial crisis, relationship issues, etc. Now because of mental health break down, there will be a chemical imbalance in a person’s CNS (Central Nervous System) and there will be dysfunction, depression amongst themselves. Suicidal thoughts are sort of a trap in which it is difficult for an individual to cope and get out.

I hear people say,
“Such cowards, they have suicided.”
“They have caused grief to loved ones, how could they?”
And more on..

Until and unless we, ourselves, go through the process of being suicidal, we can never understand how they feel. So stop judging. Once a person has fallen for taking their lives on their own, there is nothing more difficult than coming out. Many people fight and unfortunately fail. It is not easy.

I want a great favour, buddies, if someone you know is depressed, rejected by their families, discriminated or suicidal, help them out. Take them to counsellors or psychologists. Before that please understand that counsellings are not for retards, dumbs, or mentally ill people and get the facts right. Counselling does not mean labellings, advices or diagnosis. Counselling is an interpersonal relationship which stimulates growth. It is a healing process. I have experienced counselling myself when I was in such stages of life, you can rely on me. There are suicide hotlines all around the world, save the numbers.
( – very professional website with all world hotlines and other help)

Look at the image above, this is the basic map on how things start getting out of hand for people. It is better to settle off people during conflicts within their minds.

I don’t want anyone to regret later. Support the victim, let them know that they are loved. Tell them that their lives are precious and they were created for a purpose.

To people, especially teens and youth, who want to take their lives for love failure, you are much more worthy of someone else. Don’t end your life for a person who didn’t care to find the value in you. Think about your parents, your friends and more about yourself. You are unique.

To people who think they cannot bear the problems of life, believe me, the truth is that you can handle it more than anyone else. You are given issues in life to an extent of which you can only bear. There are people with more problems too, friends. You can face it, you got that power.

Anyone who needs support emotionally, please drop a contact form with your personal emails and I will be there for you. I promise.


10 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. Good initiative. I think one of the reasons if not the main cause for taking ones own life is the feeling of taken granted, if someone says they are having a really hard time we should give our time to listen to them. Such kind act will give a positive reinforcement.

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