Hi everyone! I hope all are doing perfectly fine.

Gender is quite a sensitive topic. We are no more living in the olden ages where men are higher than women. No one is above anyone. We are all equal.

Men work. Women work.

Men cook. Women cook.

Men drive. Women drive.

Men wash clothes so do Women.

Now you might know the difference between both genders/sexes.



11 thoughts on “Gender

    1. Equal in rights, opportunities and duties in society. However we cannot ignore the biological differences that too often have been and are used to create discriminating cultural differences where women usually get the worst part. But biological differences do exist. The most important of them is that women can get pregnant and that affects our views on sexual relationships. We tend to almost always be more afraid in heterosexual relationships than men because an unwanted child could be a burden for life. Another problem when it comes to women-men love relationships is age difference. What if we fall in love with someone much younger or older than us? This is a great post I highly recommend you all by my friend Mario Savioni that deals with this question:

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  1. “A woman is human.
    She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man.
    Likewise, she is never less.
    Equality is a given.
    A woman is human.”
    ― Vera Nazarian

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  2. We are in the cusp of a new generation that will define the forth coming years of our human civilization. More than ever before we are connected and the whole world is like one small city. Its only in our hands to put more positive messages out there to shape a better future. so Yeaa lets silence the bullies and patriarchy with voices of equality and compassion. We have only a speck of time on Earth compared to the astronomical things to explore, so why waste time by fighting? 🙂

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