Rape of an 8-month-old!

Anyone remembers the horrific rape of an 8-month-old baby? I do not know if you all know about it. That baby Chutki was raped by a 28-year-old idiot, her cousin. Her parents spoke of how much their view changed of trusting their relatives. Is it their fault? No, not a bit. I thought of sharing this with you.


46 thoughts on “Rape of an 8-month-old!

  1. It is not their fault not even that little angel’s fault…. no one ever talk or tries for giving right direction to the human for using great natural energies into the right direction of self awakening… The societies are highly educated and somewhere high education have made people worse than illustrate….illiteracy is no the reason of these kind of wrong happening… It happens much more in educated people… it is all about so much involvement in the physicality of life…. The moment the boundaries of your physicality becomes the ultimate boundaries of life, you do not experience your breadth and any other transactions that are happening to keep you alive…. If the human is experiencing their lives a little more than their physical boundaries, these things would simply go down for sure.. No one is looking for a long-term solution only people talk about the problem, talking about the problem never make it solved….. solution is to be taken in consideration at individual level, by individual family… after all society is not anything other then all public, in which you me and everybody is counted………….

    Sorry for typing errors, phone typing…
    I always appreciate your awareness posts… Keep writing…

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    1. “No one is looking for a long-term solution only people talk about the problem, talking about the problem never make it solved” I completely agree with this 😦
      Thanks for taking your time to share your thoughts. Very kind of you.

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  2. Rape is monstrous and pathetic. How can someone rape such a small baby? The man shud be sentenced to death ! Being Raped is like being run down by a train. And if you have to stay with the abuser life long , it’s even worse. Atleast we have laws for Rape, but We have no law for marital rape. Every women should fight for her self respect. Marraige doesn’t give a man license to have sex whenever he wants with his wife. Consent is crucial. https://feminism2.home.blog/2018/09/21/need-for-criminalising-marital-rape/


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